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The English Premier League soccer team I follow, Everton, is actually coming to the U.S. in August for an International preseason competition. It seems they will be playing in L.A. one of the days. I hope I can get tickets for this. Sheesh, I hope I'm available to go! I had been making tentative plans to go to Liverpool to see them next year. No rush now if they're coming here. By the way, COYB means "come on you Blues", referring to one of the team's many nicknames.

SciFi Con

I went to the Grand Slam SciFi Summit yesterday. I went to see James Marsters, of course, but was pleasantly surprised to see Sir Patrick Stewart, Bruce Boxlietner, and Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden! I used to watch 7th Heaven). And Jasika Nicole! From Fringe! She is so cute - prettier in person than on TV even. And very warm.

James seemed in very good humor. At the autograph table he was personalizing the autographs and giving people a lot of time. I think he made some new fans.

Happy Birthday!

The happiest of birthdays to my fellow soccer fan slaymesoftly. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all my friends on LJ a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.


Too much rain! I haven't played soccer for almost 2 weeks! I'm having withdrawals. However, I know we need the rain.


Tomorrow is lostboy_lj 's happy day! One of our best writers and great with the meta too. All the best to you, LB!
Most interesting thing in Manhattan? "Rices to Riches", a fast food outlet all about rice pudding. This place is to rice pudding what Yogurtland is to frozen yogurt. There were at least 10 flavors of rice pudding, with at least 12 topping choices. Flavors included vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, almond, coconut, and cookies and cream. I went with coconut with oatmeal/coconut cluster topping. Delish!

New York Comic Con

I'll be going to the NYCC next week. Has anyone been there before and do they have any words of advice? I have very little comiccon experience.
Now it's time to celebrate the birthday of pfeifferpack. Hope you have a good day. God bless.

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday to boschette, a real sweetheart. Hope you're having a lovely day!


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