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Now it's time to celebrate the birthday of pfeifferpack. Hope you have a good day. God bless.

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday to boschette, a real sweetheart. Hope you're having a lovely day!

Shout out!

Here's a shout out to Kim Rhode, getting her 3rd career gold medal and 5th medal in 5 straight Olympics for shooting. She's the niece of a very close friend of mine and just the sweetest girl (her husband is a doll also). I wish her the best of luck in her next event later this week.

I am just loving the Olympics. It's two weeks of getting very little sleep! Go USA!

Stay cool!

We're moving into a week of 90+ degree weather here in SoCal. I guess I shouldn't complain since other parts of the country have been suffering the heat for quite awhile. But when it gets hot my husband gets carried away with the lawn watering. Last year at this time I think our water bill went from $150 to $400. And still our lawn in the backyard is half dead because the sprinker heads are broken. We have so much repair to do on our house and yard that it's too overwhelming to think about. Yep, typical summer.

We won!

Well, I'm not the kiss of death in a soccer tournament anymore. We won the Serenity Tournament today in the over 57 years division. No, I didn't score, but I played pretty well at forward and outside half. Finally! Victory is sweet.

Birthday wishes

A very happy birthday to my buddy mabel_marsters. Hope you had a great day. Also belated wishes to jaesha. Hope it was fun, hon.

This cold is kicking my butt.

I usually don't get really bad colds but this one is knocking me for a loop. My sinuses are all clogged and I can't stop coughing. I'm imagining being kicked out of the theater when I go see James Marsters' radio play on Saturday due to a massive coughing fit. Plus we have tickets to the Angels baseball game tonight. Everyone will be staring at the stupid sick lady who is exposing all her germs to the fans. But the tickets cost $244 bucks! We won't be there long, however, since it's already 6:20 and my husband isn't home from work yet. And I have 4 soccer games this weekend! AAAGGGHHH!

Another birthday

Happy Birthday to moscow_watcher. Hope you had a great day, girl!
Happy birthday winsomeone!!! Sorry this is a day late!

Life's Little Pleasures

I had a little plot bunny some time ago. I thought of donating it to one of you wonderful writers but never got around to it. So I wrote it myself. It's amateurish since I'm not a writer, but I did get some help from my friend mabelmarsters.

Don't own the characters - they belong to Joss. It's a G rated little "what if" that takes place in the beginning of Afterlife in Season 6.

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